You must be really curious about Morning Sickness if you've come this far!

My name is Sarah and I have two beautiful children, born in 2011 and 2014.
I experienced terrible Morning Sickness in both of my pregnancies and couldn't understand why some medical professionals and the general public (friends, work colleagues, sometimes total strangers) just couldn't relate to or even accept what I was going through. It was HELL on Earth!

The number of times I heard people say things like:

"It's just Morning Sickness, get on with it"          
"It will pass after three months"
"You're over exaggerating the whole thing"

Comments like these were entirely unhelpful.
It was really hard "to get on with it" when my head was mostly in a jug, over a sink, or even worse over a toilet bowl.
My Morning Sickness lasted until I gave birth. If I was exaggerating my Morning Sickness, then I really should have been, at the very least nominated for some type of acting award, my performance was outstanding.

And so Morning Sickness Ireland was born.

I want to pass on my knowledge, my experiences and my support to the women who are facing Morning Sickness now.

Morning Sickness Ireland is #here4you

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